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A little about me.

Hi, I’m Edgar Burgara, a visual designer who loves to use digital design to convert complex concepts into aesthetically-beautiful visual messages. Below are my key skills and some examples of my work. Please inform me if you'd like my assistance.

Web & UI design

Products and deliverables:

Websites, Wireframes, Mockups, Web-optimized Graphics

Languages and tools:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap w/ H5BP, Sumblime Text 2, Wordpress CMS, Cyberduck FTP, Photoshop

Haugen M.D. responsive website

For this project, I designed, coded, and photographed this very clean, elegant, and mobile-friendly website. The client said it was a "dramatic improvement" from his previous website and was very satisfied.

haugenmd website
haugnemd responsive website screenshot 2
haugnemd responsive website screenshot

ThisGen responsive website

This Generation 4 Christ, a young adult group in Humboldt County, California, needed a site that could be used as a friendly invitation to other prospective members. Aside from simply studying together, the group is very active in many social activities. Through photography and striking design, they site does an exceptional job of showing the fun, active nature of the group in a friendly inviting manner.

Because the site's URL would be shared on flyers and social media, the site needed to adjust to work on all devices (from smartphones to desktop computers). Because of this, a mobile-first, responsive-design approach was utilized. The result is this custom, beautiful single-page site. A Wordpress blog was also integrated in a subdirectory of the site, for the group's future announcements.

thisgen website
thisgen responsive website screenshot 2
thisgen responsive website screenshot

HBCS responsive Wordpress website

After successfully completing a logo design for Humboldt Bay Christian School, I was contacted to create a new website for the school. The Administration wanted the ability to easily update the site, without having to go through code, to communicate with current students and parents, and attract prospective students.

Because of its user-friendliness that allows novice users to make changes, a Wordpress CMS was used. Photos were also used to attract and immerse prospective students and their parent's into HBCS' "school life." Wordpress' blog system was used for communication between the school and students (and their parents).

hbcs wordpress website

EBFLOWS responsive website

EBFLOWS, an art and media ministry, expanded it's services and needed a responsive site to beautifully show to users the diverse aspects of the ministry. In addition, the site needed to use a personal, "down to earth" voice and maintain overarching attributes the brand's aesthetic, as expressed in its Wordpress blog and artwork. Effective usage of design, web typography, and infographics were used to fulfill these requirements. For this new site the Wordpress blog was moved to a subdirectory of the site and contains the 'Raps' aspect of the site and other content.

ebflows website
ebflows website mobile screenshot
ebflows website mobile screenshot 2

Identity & Brand design


Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, other Graphics / Artwork

Design tools:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat

Super 8 Hotel marketing design

Super 8 Hotels of Fortuna, CA commissioned the several custom designs to help market its services.

Flyer sketch Flyer illustration flyer Banner

Church Campaign poster & flyer

The intention of this design concept is to convey transition and movement, to reflect the purpose of the event, which is to guide the attendee on a spiritual journey towards God and the divine. Examples of transitions include going from a state of darkness to light, from the bleakness to the bright, and from an unfulfilled life to complete fulfillment.

san jose adventist church poster san jose adventist church flyer

Health Movie Night

Understanding that the primary location where this artwork was to be placed was bulletin boards, both physical and digital, from its roots the artwork was designed with ultimate clarity in mind. The design had to clearly communicate the message to users scrolling fast on a social network news feeds or to drivers quickly glancing at the poster on the roadside. Therefore the appropriate typeface and use of contrast, both in terms of color and visual weight, were used to emphasized the headline, “Health Movie Night.”  An organic color palette was chosen to appeal to people who frequent health food store locations in which these posters were to be placed.

Logo artwork
Web Advertisement graphic

HBCS logo design project

Humboldt Bay Christian School, a faith-driven private school located minutes away from California’s North Coast, requested a logo that should convey the school’s 1) naturalistic setting, 2) academic excellence, and 3) adherence to Christian faith/values.

After the initial interview which defined these requirements, much research and brainstorming was undertaken to flesh out the most effective symbols, colors, figures and typefaces. At this stage it was also decided to design two variations of the logo. A full-sized, detailed primary logo, and more compressed, simplistic logo for smaller applications were detail the detail of the primary logo would be lost. In the end, Ivy leauge shields were referenced because of their historic "academic excellence" roots and identities. The final colors and illustrated elements effectively reflected the nearby bay and coast, the surrounding giant redwood trees, and the spiritual, Christian context of the education.

HBCS logo
compact HBCS logo